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Skype: Essentials

Skype: Essentials

Director: JSF Collective
Project: Essentials (Just So Dynamic EditingTM Technology)

We were challenged to help Skype solve a real business problem, and develop a format that would allow the brand to effectively communicate key product features to a global, multilingual audience.

Our simple and practical approach of creating a ‘how to’ series that explained product features and represented the user interface accurately in each market was not viable using existing technologies as the sheer volume of variables meant the need for more than a thousand films.

To combat this, we created our own proprietary Dynamic EditingTM software to automate the entire process, localising the films, interfaces and dynamic content into 14 languages.

In an ongoing campaign, we have created over 1000 films to date, educating and informing through rich media on an unprecedented scale. The series has been adopted across the business as a core customer support tool, with assets utilised across all brand channels (email, social, website) to communicate key product features.  The films have been viewed by customers within the Microsoft ecosystem more than 100 million times.