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Clarks Kids

Clarks Kids

Client: Clarks Kids

Project: Gloforms

Clarks came to us with a need to reimagine & redesign the entire ecosystem for their Kids Gloform’s platform, including characters, world & story, in order to relaunch the platform for the 2017 Back To School season with a marketing campaign that could be delivered through all brand channels including digital, windows, T.V., cinema, and an app. 

With school shoes being integral to kids sales, Clarks wanted to push away from traditional back to school marketing and create a campaign that gained standout by being wholly original, vibrant and exciting to kids between the ages of 5-10. 

Working closely with Clarks’ in house designers and copywriters our creative team developed a world centred on the free flow of digital information, brought to life with visual imagery that would resonate with young children, with an open ended narrative arc - covering 4 episodes - allowing for continued development into the 2018 season. While the TVC’s were our primary deliverable, the 3D assets and narrative had to allow for print and app/game activation. Our production team partnered with Blue Zoo Animation and excelled at producing films, 3D animations, stills & other assets that could be utilised across all touchpoints. 

The campaign was launched in May 2017 & ran with great success across all channels throughout the remainder of the year.