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Calling Home

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Calling Home


Director: Jade Jackman

Made as part of the JSF Postcards initiative.

“Brilliantly and disturbingly moving.”  Dazed & Confused

“A rallying cry to artists looking for new ways to reach a news-numbed audience”  i-D

“Still don’t think Yarl’s Wood is worth caring about? This film will change your mind.”  The Debrief

In the midst of a business park in Bedfordshire, you'll find Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre. Slotted in amongst the stocky offices of cement and the tall street lights that curve ominously towards the sky, you'd be forgiven for not noticing the 400 women that live between them; you weren't meant to...through phone calls, this striking film from Jade Jackman documents the reality of being a female asylum seeker inside Yarl’s Wood detention centre.

Calling Home was premiered by i-D magazine.