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Just So has been at the forefront of merging entertainment and advertising for over ten years. We have a collective of over 100 filmmakers across the world that we can turn to for a whole range of projects and a select list of rostered Directors that we believe can respond to any brief that is serious about creating something that makes people feel something. If you genuinely have a project that crosses the boundaries between advertising and entertainment, no matter what length, format or media then give us a call.

Alongside our global network of talent, we have a unique story casting service that has been developed over the last ten years to unearth the best true-life stories and characters for commercials and entertainment. The Real Story Network finds great stories through a global platform of journalists and influencers based around an experienced documentary casting team in London.

With our in house development team we can also help develop non-traditional formats for commercial purposes and mould advertising ideas into entertainment properties as we have for the likes of HSBC, adidas and Christie's.

And our purpose built production and post-production studio has been set up in response to ever-increasing demands on deliverables for multi-channel campaigns. As a result we are fully end-to-end with development, offline, online, grade, animation and VFX facilities all under one roof.